FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Is the EquineTrac mobile app available for Android?

A: Yes!  The EquineTrac app is available for iOS & Android.  

Q: Does the sensor need to be charged or turned off after each ride?  

A: No, the sensor has a battery that will last for 12 months.  You, turn the sensor on and leave it powered on and mounted on your saddle.  Simply open the EquineTrac app and start your ride. 

Q:  What if I need to get off my horse during a ride?  

A:  You can pause your ride within the EquineTrac mobile app and dismount.  When your ride is paused it disables the “Fall Alert” feature until you are ready to resume your ride. 

Q:  How are my emergency contacts alerted?  

A: The alerts are sent via a text message from the same phone number each time with the alert along with your phones GPS location. 

Q: Can I have multiple emergency contacts?  

A: Yes, can have multiple contacts as well as customize which alerts each contact will receive.  Contacts with Start / Stop Alerts will only receive a text with your location when you start and stop your ride within the mobile app.  Fall Alerts will receive only fall alert texts with your location in the event of a fall.  Start/Stop & Fall Alerts will receive all alerts.  

Q: Can I use the ride tracking and start / stop alerts without the sensor?  

AYes, you can still have start / stop alerts as well as ride tracking without connecting to an EquineTrac Sensor.  However, the sensor would be required for Fall Alerts. 

Q: Does the service require cell signal?

A: For fall alerts & ride status alerts you would need to be in an area that has a cellular data connection at the time the alert is sent. 

Q:  How do I configure my alert contacts?

A:  Contacts can be managed by clicking settings icon in the top right corner of the ride screen and then click Alerts & Contacts.  To add a contact click on the + icon.  You can add a contact and select which alerts you would like them to receive. 

Q:  How do I view my historical ride data? 

A:  Your past 7 days of ride data will show in the distance (blue) box and duration (green box) on the main ride screen.  If you want to view your historical ride maps you can click either the distance or duration box on the main ride scree and this will open the historical map screen.

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