Are you ready for a safer riding experience?

EquineTrac, LLC. is a USA-based technology company that brings a revolutionary level of safety to the equestrian community. Our wireless EquineTrac Sensor paired with the EquineTrac IOS mobile app uses state-of-the-art smart technology to detect if the rider separates from the horse during a ride.  It then immediately alerts the rider's emergency contacts that a fall has occurred and the GPS location of the fall. Additional features include customizable ride status alerts as well as ride analytics, bringing a whole new riding experience to the equestrian community! Get your EquineTrac sensor and download the EquineTrac mobile app to get started with safer riding today!

  • How does EquineTrac work?

    After a quick download of the EquineTrac IOS mobile app and one-time configuration, the saddle mounted EquineTrac sensor wirelessly connects to the rider’s phone when they start a ride. The smart sensor technology automatically adjusts for each individual rider. If the sensor detects separation from the rider it will prompt a "FALL ALERT" text with a map pin of the rider's location to the rider's emergency contact. In addition to fall alerts, the EquineTrac system will text your emergency contact whenver you start or stop your ride along with your location to keep loved ones informed of your ride status. The alerts are customizable within the EquineTrac mobile app, this allows you to configure multiple emergency contacts to recieve different alerts. In addition to the advanced safety features, ride mapping, and ride insights can be tracked for multiple different horses within the app. More features are coming soon!

  • Is EquineTrac user-friendly?

    YES, EquineTrac is designed for riders of all ages and experiences in mind. The EquineTrac sensor replaceable battery has an approximate 12-month life and does not need to be turned on/off between rides. Simply turn the sensor on during the initial configuration and mount it on your saddle. Once the sensor is mounted the rider simply opens the EquineTrac mobile app and clicks, Start, Pause or Stop.  We do the rest!

  • Is EquineTrac for me?

    YES! Any individual who wants to instantly alert an emergency contact of their location if an unexpected fall occurs. EquineTrac is designed to be very user-friendly and compatible with all saddle types and riding disciplines.

  • Fall Alert

    EquineTrac automatically detects if the rider separates from their horse during a ride. Once a fall has been detected a 'Fall Alert' text is sent to the rider’s emergency contact with a GPS map point of the location of the rider at the time the fall occurred. The EquineTrac Sensor is required for fall alert feature.

  • Start & Stop Alerts

    EquineTrac Riders can customize their alerts as well as set up multiple emergency contacts within the EquineTrac mobile app. Riders can choose to have a text sent to their selected emergency contacts each time they start and stop a ride along with their current location. If the rider needs to dismount temporarily they can simply pause their ride and then resume once they are ready. The EquineTrac sensor is NOT required for start and stop alerts.

  • Ride Insights

    The EquineTrac mobile app automatically tracks ride time, location, and distance for each ride. The Rider can set up multiple horses within the app so tracking training and rides for different horses is simple and user-friendly. The EquineTrac Sensor is NOT require for ride insights.